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Release Notes

General, Overview, Concepts

Installation, Configuration & Setup

Command Line and Remote Control Services

Report Generation

expecco UI






Additional tools in the "Extras"-Menu

  • Notepad: A postIt-like text editor and code evaluation window
  • File Browser: A tool to search for and manipulate files and their contents
  • Class Browser: Expert tool to investigate and manipulate class code
  • Process Monitor: A tool to show active execution processes (threads within expecco)

Additional functions in the "Extras" Menu

  • "Explorer" / "Explorer In...": opens a Windows Explorer window on one of the common directories (Windows platform only)
  • "Finder" / "Finder In...": opens a Finder window on one of the common directories (Mac OSX platform only)
  • Screenshot: generates a file containing a screenshot image (in BMP, PNG or TIFF format)
  • Model Translation Editor: To define language-translations for model elements
  • Import Shell or Batch Scripts: To generate blocks for existing test/automation scripts

Low level debug functions found in the "Extras"-"Debugging" Menu

Elementary Block API

Standard Library Reference

The following libraries are included in the base package. No additional extension or plugin is required.

Interfacing to the System Under Test

Plugins and Extensions

UI Testing

Web Browser UI Testing

GUI Testing

  • GUI Browser: Common Extension for GUI Tests
    This extension provides a base for the other UI technology interfaces, and is a prerequisite (included in) the Java GUI, Mobile GUI, Qt and Windows Automation GUI plugins.
  • UI Testing via VNC
    This plugin interfaces to arbitrary applications via VNC (RFB). This allows for any application to be tested. However, the set of verifiable attributes is very limited. Therefore, this is mostly used as a fallback solution, in case no other UI-plugin is applicable.
  • UI Testing von OpenETS Anwendungen
    This plugin interfaces to Applications using the OpenETS UI framework. OpenETS ("Open Expecco Test Service") consists of a C library provided by eXept, which can be linked to the program. This library handles the communication with expecco. Using OpenETS, arbitrary C/C++ applications can be automated with expecco.
  • AutoIt GUI Interface Library
    This plugin interfaces to Windows applications via AutoIt. It is very low level, in that only a very limited set of attributes is accessible; however, it works with any window written in any UI framework and is sometimes useful, if no high level attributes (knowledge) about the underlying UI technology is available.

Code Execution

  • C# Code Execution -- executes C# code either locally or inside the SUT (.NET famework)
  • Java Browser -- allows for Java classes to be browsed in the SUT
  • Java Debugger -- to debug Groovy block and other code executed by the Java Bridge in (remote) JVM

Manual Test Support Plugins

Misc Plugins

QM Interface Plugins

Specification Import/Export

Data/Message/Document Formats





expecco Mobile Remote App (for Android)



Concepts, Hints, Tips and Tricks


expecco ALM


expecco ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)



Release Notes


Settings (System)

Webinterface (HTTP)

Mobile Monitoring App (Android)



User Interface



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