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See also: Release Notes 20.x

Release 21.1 (July 2021)[edit]

  • Feature: Support for XMPP/Jabber instant messaging in expecco and the StandardLibrary.
  • Feature: "Clear Variable" in the testsuite environment editor's popup menu.
  • Feature: Shell environment variables for scripts and bridges in the "External Script Interpreters" settings.
  • Feature: Java-Plugins (Swing, SWT, FX) are combined to a unified usage: The CommonJavaGUITestLibrary contains new element blocks, which work with each of the three technologies. For applications containing more than one technology, these new blocks use compound paths to an embedded element. Context switch blocks are not needed. For more information see the Compound Paths. These new blocks only work with the current expecco version. The old blocks in the specific libraries are still working and use the old path behaviour. Both types can be used side by side.
  • Feature: Java-Plugins (Swing, SWT, FX) support the CommonUILibrary.
  • Feature: callEB (direct call of another elementary block) now supports a variable number of pins in the called action.
  • Feature: Ctrl-Shift-R shortcut to replace a step by the clipboard's action in the diagram editor.
  • Feature: "SkipSubactivitiesInTrace" flag also for test cases (in test plan).
  • Feature: "SkipSuccessfulSubactivitiesInTrace" flag for steps and action blocks.
  • Feature: bridged Python code supports breakpoints and single steppping.
  • Feature: improved element filter in the GUIBrowser.
  • Feature: autoclose flag for control GUI (in the project's execution flags). This also affects the manual test wizard.
  • Feature: encrypted attachments (for passwords, etc.)
  • Feature: SOAP additionally handles application/soap+xml Content-Type (but is still SOAP 1.1)
  • Feature: the terminal has a recorder built in
  • Feature: C-Bridge determines suffix of ccScript automatically
  • Feature: Groovy updated to version 3.0.8
  • Feature: Groovy blocks now support Unicode characters
  • STD-LIB: New actions to control the "Control & Monitor" window
  • UI Enhancement: better syntax error reporting in the editor (especially for bridged C actions).
  • UI Enhancement: the default line-end cursor behavior in text editors changed to conform to other editors.
  • UI Enhancement: language specific dead keys.
  • UI Enhancement: Testcases with warnings (but otherwise successful) are marked with a yellow success icon.
  • UI Enhancement: help-menu items to open a Method Finder or an Action Finder.
  • Bugfix: Actions directly called by another elementary action (via callEB) were not logged completely.
  • Bugfix: actions with suppressed activity log ("skipInTrace" flag) failed to provide the execution time at that output pin.
  • Bugfix: SQLite interface did not retrieve blobs.
  • Bugfix: secret strings are now also hidden from the data inspector.
  • Bugfix: secret strings were not always hidden from the report and activity log.
  • Bugfix: alert boxes opened by bridge code did not auto-confirm (see settings).
  • Bugfix: Python2.x bridges crashed with non-Ascii characters in source code (str() function problem).
  • Bugfix: Condition check/set in testcase settings works with multiple variables.
  • Bugfix: Condition set in testcase settings can set a variable defined in the testsuite environment (and not only in the executor environment).
  • Bugfix: JavaFX applications without the module javafx.web can now be automated.
  • Change: SeleniumWebDriverLibrary now supports only expecco version 18.2 and newer, backward compatibility code has been removed.
  • Change: The JavaGUITester.jar for Java testing has been enhanced. If you are testing remote, you have to copy the new version onto your remote machine.

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