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Release 19.1 (Spring 2019)

  • Bugfix: multiline strings where not allowed in environment variables
  • Feature: CSV read actions allow for different number of columns per row
  • Feature: new improved CSV reader to extract columns by name directly
  • Feature: much improved NodeJS debugging support (breakpoint, single step, abort)
  • Feature: bridged Python code execution
  • Feature: empty test plans are treated like empty compounds w.r.t. error reporting (i.e. they report an error unless the "allow empty actions" execution setting is enabled).
  • Feature: option (setting) to control if empty actions and empty test plans are to be reported as error or as inconclusive.
  • Feature: search-option for invalid names in call-by-name statements
  • Feature: automatic code rewrite when called actions are renamed
  • Feature: Ministatus window and autohide during test execution
  • Feature: optional autoresize when renaming steps
  • Feature: new pin-menu functions to bulk-freeze all corresponding pins in the whole suite
  • Feature: much improved Testsuite browser, which is now found in the "File"-Menu
  • Feature: asynchronous event handling framework
  • Performance: Speed improvement in shrinkwrap library operation
  • UI Enhancements
  • UI Enhancement: CTRL-e shortcut to freeze a selected pin from environment variable
  • UI Enhancement: CTRL-p shortcut to toggle a pin's isParameter behavior
  • UI Enhancement: additional menu items for debugging, to control bridges and to install "npm" and "pip" packages
  • STD-LIB: The Trigger and Stream-NextElement action blocks had wrong typed output pins. These now adapt to whatever they are connected to (template type)
  • Misc: updates/changes to support newer webDriver, iOS and Android versions
  • Misc: updates/changes to support Java 11.

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