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see also: Release Notes 21.x
see also: Release Notes 19.x

Attention: All Releases Before 20.2[edit]

Attention SSL-Problem: Our hoster ( has changed the SSL-policy, only allowing the newest SSL-encryption/chaining modes. The previous expecco releases are not able to download the fix for this problem automatically.

You have to download the patch: 

using a web browser and install it with the "Extras" -> "Maintenance" -> "Install Patch from File" menu item.

Release 20.2 (Fall 2020)[edit]

  • Feature: VisualWorks Automation support (preliminary)
  • Feature: new Siemens S7 SPS and OPC-UA plugins
  • Feature: Root-Cling bridged actions (preliminary)
  • Feature: "Close Manual Test Wizard" in View menu
  • Feature: Keyboard map in the settings dialog
  • Feature: Dead Key support to input national characters on any keyboard
  • Feature: Virtual Environments for Python actions
  • Feature: execution time limit at action block
  • Feature: Java Swing Library: Additional blocks for actions, that take and return element objects
  • Improvement: better autolayout algorithm in compound action editor
  • Improvement: more features in the physical values package
  • UI Enhancement: Ctrl-N in diagram now allows selection of the type of action
  • UI Enhancement: secondary project tree follows the diagram selection
  • UI Enhancement: close bridge function in toolbar of some elementary block execution tabs
  • UI Enhancement: help wizard resizable
  • UI Enhancement: tabular presentation for CSV attachments
  • Bugfix: Logger settings dialog (log also on Transcript was ignored)
  • Bugfix: French, Italian and Spanish report printing
  • Bugfix: layout of PDF report was clipping some headline text
  • Bugfix: C-structure types failed to generate accessors for typedef'd types

Release 20.1 (Spring 2020)[edit]

  • Feature: remote test execution from expecco ALM via WebSocket (expecco behind a proxy or NAT or similar connection is now able to communicate with expecco ALM in the cloud) see for further information
  • Feature: improved support for external Editors
  • Feature: AppleScript support (OSX only)
  • Feature: "Include Operation Menu Items" from imported libraries.
  • Feature: improved IronPython support.
  • Feature: dual Shell/Batch actions (see choice "ShellOrBatchScript" in the language pulldown list of a batch/shell action)
  • Feature: "Do Not Log Pin Value" feature also for input pins.
  • Feature: "Do Not Log Pin Value" now a sticky attribute of the value (i.e. if not logged at output pin, it will also not be logged by receiving inputs)
  • Feature: "Do Not Log Pin Value" can be globally disabled while debugging tests (settings - log)
  • Feature: support Octave language (a Matlab compatible programming language)
  • Feature: Qt Inject for Linux
  • Feature: Generate CmdLine File for Java 11 et sqq.
  • Feature: Mobile Testing Library: blocks for actions on elements take both a path and a resolved WebElement
  • UI Enhancement: paste or replace selection when dragging a pin into a codeView (when pins are shown)
  • UI Enhancement: improved Windows-GUI connect dialog
  • UI Enhancement: improved multi-pin-connect behavior
  • UI Enhancement: visited block history is kept after reimport of a librarary
  • UI Enhancement: invisible elements shown grey in the GUIBrowser (JavaSwing and others)
  • Bugfix: skipped testplan items do not mark testplan as failed after execution
  • Bugfix: environment variables which are referenced by skipped testplan items are found when searching for variable references
  • Bugfix: Qt-ExpeccoTestService

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