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see also: Release Notes 19.x

Release 18.2 (December 2018)

  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the smalltalk "split:" and JavaScript "split()" now have different semantics. To get the old "split()" behavior from Smalltalk code, use "js_split:".
  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: To automatically start a JavaBridge for a Java GUI Connection on localhost, set the port to 0 or leave it empty. The bridge will then be started on a random empty port. If a port is set, it is expected that a JavaBridge is already running on that port.
  • Fix: adding a pin to an action with variable pins always added the pin at the end (which made it difficult to add non-variable pins later). It is now added after the currently selected pin, or at the end if there is no pin selected.
  • Fix: remaining code was executed in a Groovy or NodeJS action after a call to fail/error
  • Fix: "Data Collector [...]" blocks in Standard Libraray do not loose data any longer. The fixed block works only in expecco 18.2, so do not use the block with previous expecco releases.
  • Feature: 18.2 UI Enhancements
  • Feature: Mobile Testing Plugin now supports Android 8 (Oreo) Android 9 (Pie) and IOS 12
  • Feature: Mobile Testing Plugin: Using UiAutomator2 as default automationName for Android devices since version 5.0. This fixes some issues, in particular if the app contains WebViews.
  • Feature: Java Bridge now supports Java 9, Java 10 and Java 11
  • Feature: Java GUI Testing plugin now supports applications running under Java 11
  • Feature: text views can open a webBrowser on the selected URL
  • Feature: embed attached images in html documentation
  • Feature: option to fetch patches/updates from the license server.
  • Feature: freeze values with type "StringOrFilename" or type "Filename" will expand $(xxxDirectory) patterns.
  • Feature: generate shorter xPath-locators for web browser elements
  • Feature: SUT version extract action (defined in the project-definition-editor), for automatic extraction of version strings to be remembered in reports
  • Feature: enum type definition from C-defines
  • Update: libqlite3.dll updated to version 3.26.0 (fixes Magellan vulnerability)
  • UI Enhancement: shifted-double click on a pin now freezes from environment variable
  • UI Enhancement: renaming a variable in the environment's table column offers to rewrite references (used to do only when renamed via menu)
  • UI Enhancement: F2 key (aka "Rename") now also works when an environment-freeze-pin-value is selected
  • UI Enhancement: TAG filter for "follow activity".
  • STD-LIB: New action blocks to start and configure JVMs and Groovy

Release 18.1 (Summer 2018)

With this release, we will start a new naming scheme, using the publishing year as major version number and the delivery within the year as minor vsn.
Thus, this version will be named "18.1.0.x".

This is a major new release with many UI enhancements, and a number of new features.

  • Deprecated: The old WebTest/Selenium plugin is no longer fully supported. It has been replaced by the "WebTest (Selenium WebDriver)" plugin. The old plugin has been renamed to "WebTest Legacy". You can still run your existing testcases with the legacy plugin. Recording is no longer supported in the legacy plugin.
  • Fix: attachment handling when moving items across projects (into/out of imported projects)
  • Fix: occasional loosing SIGCHILD when multiple shell/cmd scripts were executed in parallel (race condition)
  • Fix: many fixes for bugs/inconveniences reported by customers in expeccoALM
  • Fix: STDLIB: "Stream [ read through]" was broken
  • Fix: STDLIB: "Collection [ copyFromTo ]" and "Collection [ all but Last]" did not always raise an error.
  • Feature: the plugins "Java bridge", ".Net bridge" and "Manual Test" are now part of the expecco base package and therefore included in the base installer.
  • Feature: many GUIBrowser enhancements
  • Feature: FileBrowser: dump can be changed to be hex, octal, decimal or binary; character decoding in EBCDIC or 7-bit ASCII (to ignore high/parity bit)
  • Feature: FileBrowser: search pattern can be entered as hex byte sequence
  • Feature: Patches server: one expecco may deliver patches to all other installations in the local network
  • Feature: script actions are now executed inside the attachment folder by default. This makes it easier for the script to access files containing test data or configuration files. However, this is somewhat incompatible with previous versions, so this can be disabled via a settings flag. It can also be changed by providing the execution folder at the "execDir" pin.
  • Feature: can pass shell environment variables to shell, batch actions (and all derived actions, like Ruby, Node.js, etc.)
  • Feature: script expansion with pin-value strings for shell, batch actions and all derived actions, like Ruby, Node.js, etc.
  • Feature: prompt matching in shell, batch actions (and all derived actions, like Ruby, Node.js, etc.)
  • Feature: better error diagnostics (and error-line highlighting) in shell actions (and most derived actions, like Ruby, Node.js, etc.)
  • Feature: individual control over pin-value in activity log (e.g. to suppress passwords, cryptokeys etc.)
  • Feature: output pin values can be individually timestamped (via step's pin menu)
  • Feature: Node.js script blocks and Node.js elementary action blocks
  • Feature: VNC GUI Testing plugin
  • Feature: additional call API to invoke actions from elementary code (see Expecco_API -> Execution)
  • Feature: "Interrupt & Debug" button in the Test-Runner (to interrupt runaway elementary blocks)
  • Feature: New libraries for MQTT (IoT) and Some/IP (Automotive) (licensed addons)
  • Feature: Immutable FreezeValues
  • Feature: New Plot/Graph action blocks
  • Feature: New R action blocks
  • Feature: New Python Action Blocks, Ruby Action Blocks, Perl Action Blocks, Node Action Blocks, Go Action Blocks and TCL Action Blocks
  • Feature / UI enhancement: screenshot dialog includes an "Attach" button.
  • Feature / UI enhancement: embedded XML inspector in the attachment editor
  • Feature / UI enhancement: "Generate" submenu to generate XPath accessors in the attachment editor, when showing XML.
  • Feature: New library (StatisticDistributionsLibrary.ets) to generate random numbers with various distributions for statistic/monte carlo/simulations
  • Feature: New library (Plot_Graph.ets) to demonstrate the new Plot/Graph actions
  • Feature: New probe types to record values without checks (especially useful for plot/graph generation)
  • Feature: timestamps can now have sub-millisecond resolution
  • Feature: Selenium WebDriver Plugin
  • Feature Qt enhancement: Inject support for 32/64bit applications including pre build clients
  • Feature Qt enhancement: Add support for accessing complex properties like images, colors, ...
  • Feature Qt enhancement: Menu item / Menu action support in GUI Browser
  • Feature Qt enhancement: Extention of the qt block library
  • Feature Qt enhancement: Replace QtScript with Qt JS api for Qt5 clients
  • Feature Qt enhancement: Introduce a hook for customer client extension
  • Feature Manual test plugin: New java based excel import
  • Feature Manual Test plugin: Complete rework of the wizard
  • Feature Manual test plugin: New manual test block library
  • Performance: Speed improvement in testplan execution
  • UI Enhancement: script actions are now initially created with a minimum set of special pins (actually: only the stdout pin is created initially). More pins can be added (and unused pins can be removed) in the schema editor via the "Special Pins" menu. We found that the vast majority of script steps only needed that single pin, and that diagrams look nicer without them (you can change this to the old behaviour via "Settings" - "Look & Feel" - "Diagram Editor" - "Create all Special Pins Initially").
  • UI Enhancement: coloring by type is now on by default (if you don't like it, go to "Settings"-"Look & Feel"-"Diagram Editor"-"Look-Elements" and turn it off again)
  • UI Enhancement: Limit the number of levels in follow activity
  • UI Enhancement: ActivityTree shows activities with handled exceptions in orange (used to be red). Also, the handling activity shows where the handled exception was thrown. Finally, the automatic navigation to the first error (after a run) will skip over handled exceptions, to place you immediately to the activity which was responsible for the failure or error.
  • UI Enhancement: goto "recently modified" and "recently executed" menus in the main-menu
  • UI Enhancement: "Select Step in Diagram" menu-function in the activity log tree viewer
  • UI Enhancement: "Exchange Connections" menu-function in the network editor
  • UI Enhancement: "Import Attachments" tools menu-function (to import many files)
  • UI Enhancement: more information and functions in the Diff-viewer; new menu item in the "Extra"-menu: "Compare two Testsuite Files"
  • UI Enhancement: "Add/Remove Tag" menu functions (in tree) can also be applied recursively to children of the selected item
  • UI Enhancement: if a step was selected when a new step is created (by the "New Step" function or by paste), the new step is automatically connected via trigger-out/trigger-in
  • UI Enhancement: Connect multiple (same-named) pins
  • UI Enhancement: fix (rewrite) JavaScript elementary code, when a pin is renamed
  • UI Enhancement: rewrite script code when a pin is renamed
  • STD-LIB: New action blocks: Stream[Set Binary Mode], Stream[Set Text Mode], Stream[Set Error-at-End Mode]
  • STD-LIB: New action blocks to access and query probes by ID (in Misc/Probes)
  • STD-LIB: New logInconclusive and logError actions (similar to logFailure, these mark the test's outcome, but continue execution)
  • STD-LIB: New actions to configure HTTPS for tls1.2 / tls1.1 (some sites no longer accept tls1.1)

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