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A test case with a JIRA issue-ID

JIRA Interface Plugin[edit]

The JIRA plugin allows for test-cases to be linked with an issue within the JIRA issue tracking system. For that, an optional issue-ID can be added to a testCase. Whenever a testcase with an associated JIRA issue-ID is executed, the JIRA database gets updated.

After test-execution, the plugin is informed and sends an REST request (updateIssue) to the JIRA service.


JIRA Server Settings

Before interacting with JIRA using webservices go to the JIRA system settings and ensure Remote-API-Access is ON. For further information on how to configure your JIRA server please refer to the JIRA user guide.

Expecco Settings

Opening "Extras" → "Settings" → "Plugins" → "JIRA Interface" you can enter the JIRA connection details. If you enter them using the settings instead of the connection dialog itself you don't have to reenter them if you need to reconnect.

Connecting to JIRA[edit]

To connect to JIRA open "Plugins" → "JIRA" → "Define JIRA Connection" and enter the connection details.

Jira Connection.png

JIRA Interface Library[edit]

In addition to the automatic issue update (which is controlled via the user interface and therefore requires no additional programming), a library of building blocks to interact with JIRA is provided. The library is based on REST for communication.

Of course, the corresponding service endpoint has to be enabled and running on your JIRA server site.

JIRA Interface Blocks[edit]

Jira Library.png

See Also[edit]

As an alternative of using the JIRA Interface Library, you can also import a webservice description by yourself.

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