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This editor is used to describe the set of skills of a resource.

Resources might be devices, for example measurement devices, such as a volt-meter or parts of the test setup such as a communication port. Resources may also be a human operator who may be required to have certain real skills, such as "being able to do X" or "being allowed to judge y". It may also be a completely abstract entity, such as a database lock, or a token used to limit the number of concurrent tasks.

Before you can describe the set of skills of a resource, each skill has to be defined as a skill-element in the project tree. A recommended best practice is to keep the set of possible skills in a separate skill library. See the description of the Skill Editor for details on how to define individual skills.

In the editor, add skills from the tree (either via drag & drop, or by selection from the pull-down list), and provide concrete values:


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