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Manual test steps are inserted into a test case or test plan for activities which cannot be automated or for which automation is not possible due to cost, complexity or general verifiability. They can also be used during a transition period while converting from manual testing to partial automatic testing to full automatic testing.

Manual tests can either be created programatically (or graphically, by placing manual test steps into an activity diagram), or by importing existing test specifications from word, excel, cvs or other documents.

When executed, a manual test step opens the "Manual Test Wizard", which leads the tester through a question-answer interaction. The questions and answers being defined as input parameters to the individual steps.

Defining Manual Tests by Placing Steps (Programatic Definition)

Predefined Blocks for Manual Test Steps

Defining your own GUI in a Manual Test Step

Example Session

Importing Manual Tests from Existing Specs

Running Manual Tests

Interacting with the Manual Test Wizard

Hints & Tips

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