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Testplan report settings

As described in the Report Generation Document, the look and detail of a report is controlled by a report template. There can be multiple such templates defined and stored in a test-suite project (for example, to generate both a detailed report for developers, and a summary for the test/quality manager).

All of these templates are stored in the project tree, and any one can be used to generate a report after a test-run. However, one of them can be defined as the default template. This will be used if no explicit template is given for the report. This is also used if a test run is started via command line options, and no explicit report was given, or when started via some RPC-call (i.e. via SOAP or XML-RPC) without explicit report parameter.

Report Parameter Settings

The settings for the testplan report can be specified either project wide (within the test suite definition), in the expecco report settings or by report templates.

Overwrite Settings


Enable this flag to overrule the expecco report settings.


Enable this flag to overrule the test suite or expecco report settings.

In case of test executions triggered by expecco ALM, this settings will be ignored. This is because expecco ALM can trigger more than one test plan during one test run. In that case the project definition is used or if not specified the expecco settings.

Report Template

Drag a report template to this set point to activate a template for this test plan. Now this template will be the default for report settings.

Output Format

With this settings you can specify the default output formats for the report. You can select more than one. In that case multiple formats will be generated in the specified formats.

Report Language

You can select the report language.

Paper Size

You can specify the paper size. This is important for the report generator to create an output in a printable format which is aligned to the specified paper size.

Paper Alignment

You can specify portrait or landscape mode. Default is landscape.

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