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This plugin reads a Siemens SPS7 definition file and creates a library with action blocks to read/write SPS7 variables.


Call the plugin via the expecco-menu: Plugins - Import - SPS-XML-Import - Import SPS7-Definition (XML)...

Import Dialog[edit]

This opens the following dialog, to ask for parameters for the generated library:




The XML file to be imported.


Name of the library to be generated. By default, the name of the imported file is used.

DB Number:

DB-Number for the generated action blocks.


S7 Area for the generated action blocks.


Not yet implemented): Action blocks for optimized access

Create Actions:

Check to create actions to read/write variables.

Create Datatypes:

Check to create datatypes.

Name for Elements:

  • Hierarchy in Names:
If checked, the hierarchy of the the elements will be part of the generated names (flattened into a prefix). If unchecked, a hierarchy of folders will be created. Its a matter of your personal preference which to choose.
  • Prefix for Elements:
Additional prefix to be preprended to the names of generated elements.
Valid inputs must start with an uppercase first character 'A' - 'Z' or '$', '_', '['. Followup characters may be letters (upper and lower case, but no diacritical Marcs such as Umlauts), digits, '$', '_', '-', ' ' and ']'. The max. length is 20 characters. (Example: '[Prefix_Nr 1] ').

Generated Library[edit]

The generated library will be created as imported into current suite, or if there is none, into a new suite.

If a library by that name is already imported, you will be asked if the generated actions should be reimported or else they should be created anew.

When reimporting actions with the same name, previous actions are replaces, so that existing suites can be resused.

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