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Folder elements are used to group related items. Notice that any action block item can have sub items. Besides being used to specify user-defined action menus (see Testsuite Editor), folders have no special semantic relevance.

Notice that in contrast to other test tools, folders are NOT used to group testcases into test sequences or sub-activities into a composite activities. They are only used for organization - not to specify any execution order or execution behavior.

Folder elements only provide a single editor tab, into which documentation related to the folder can be entered. If this documentation is left empty, the documentation editor presents a short summary of the containing element's documentation texts (read-only).

Useful Tricks

Public vs. Private Actions

In imported library suites, put stuff which is supposed to be used by importing projects into a separate folder named "API" or "Exported". This makes it easier for other team members to find reusable stuff. You may also want to change the folder's icon color (popupMenu -> "Misc" -> "IconColor") to emphasize particular folders (such as "red" for obsolete or experimental actions, "green" for released/public actions etc.)

Demos and Examples

Add a folder named "Playground", "Sandbox" or "Examples" or similar and place compound action blocks which demonstrate key features or low level access functionality. Other team members may later easily find those and play with the examples. It is also a good idea to place simple connection, communication, SUT is running tests, setup and shutdown blocks there (unless those are commonly used, then put them into API/Exported).

Define Useful Actions as Menu Functions

Add a folder named "menu Actions" or similar, place and useful actions for test setup, equipment startup and shutdown or calibration into it. When this folder is defined as the project's operation menu folder (in the test suite's "Misc" editor page), you can quickly execute those functions via the main menu. For more information, see User Defined Menu Items.

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