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The attachment editor is used to view and edit an attachment element. It is shown after selecting an attachment element in the navigation tree.

Attachment Editor

A file attachment is actually a file that is stored within the test suite (the ".ets"-file, which is technically a zip-file). Whenever a suite is loaded, all embedded attachments are unpacked and stored in the suite's temporary folder on your disk. A URL attachment's underlying file will be fetched during execution.

The filename or its contents is made available to other actions by dragging the attachment into a diagram. This creates an attachment-step, which is configurable to provide either the filename or its contents in a number of commonly used formats (line-wise, as a collection of lines, binary, all in one strings, etc.)

To the right, you see a CSV file which is shown in the editor in textual mode.


The menu offers common functions to create new attachment files and especially open an external editor (as defined in the preferences settings dialog) on the document. The most useful function is "Open External Editor" on CSV files, after you have defined an appropriate CSV-capable editor (e.g. oocalc from the OpenOffice suite or Excel) in your preferences.

As an alternative, choose the "Open Attachment's Folder in Explorer/Finder" menu item, and double click or launch an editor application there. This opens a Windows Explorer on Windows machines, a Finder on macOS and the built-in File Browser on other machines.


  • Icon Edit Attach Ext.png Edit the attached file using an external tool. The tool is chosen as defined by its filename extension. For text files, under Windows, a notepad editor is typically opened. The external editor can be specified in the External Tools settings dialog, if nothing is specified there, on Windows, the installed application for the file's extension is opened.
  • Icon Edit Attach Int.png Edit the attached file using the built-in expecco text editor. This provides most required editing facilities and does not need any setup in either expecco nor installation of additional tools in your operating system.
  • Icon Edit Attach Image Int.png Edit the attached file using the built-in expecco bitmap editor. This provides useful functions to deal with small bitmap images, such as icons or to post process a screen shot (resize, extract parts etc.). It is not a replacement for a full featured image manipulation program, such as gimp or a commercial image processing application (but good enough for most day-to-day tasks on images, and better than some editors provided by some operating systems...).
  • Icon Open Attach Text.png Display the content of the attachment as editable text
  • Icon Open Attach Hex.png Display the content of the attachment as a read only hex dump
  • Icon Open Attach XML.png Display the content of the attachment in an XML inspector

Text Editor Functions

The text editor's functions are a subset of the editor used for code editing and described in the "Code Editor documentation".

The hex dump viewer is read only.

XML Inspector

Attachment XML Editor

The XML inspector is read only. It includes an XPath input field to select one or multiple subelements, and also provides 2 items in the attachment editor's "Generate" menu. These menu functions will generate xpath-extraction blocks for the current xpath. This makes it very easy to generate XML extraction actions, for example to fetch configuration values from an xml config file.

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