Expecco ALM Known Issues

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expecco ALM unexpectedly asks for the license file and all expecco ALM system settings are vanished[edit]

Several config files like the license file and the settings file are stored in the Windows system profile folder. As a known Windows bug, the system profile folder can be deleted during Windows Update. If this happens to you, don't panic, just upload your license file again and reconfigure your expecco ALM system settings. The database stays untouched of this issue. Of cause, we changed the location of those config files in the current expecco ALM version. There is also a patch available for expecco ALM versions > This patch will be installed automatically, see Installation Patches. There ("Settings" -> "Patches" -> "Search Online") will also be a link for download displayed, in case expecco ALM cannot establish the connection to the patch server.

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