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Documentation Editor


Both the documentation of a tree element and documentation elements themselves are created & modified in the documentation editor. The editor is found in the "Documentation"-tab of every tree element.

It is highly recommended that tree elements are documented, as this text is shown as tooltip in a compound action's diagram.

The editor provides the usual editing commands on its right-button menu. More special functions are found in the "Tools" and "More" sub-menus. Basically, this is a programming language unaware version of the same editor used as code editor, therefore the documentation found there is also valid here. A more detailed description of the editor's features is also found in the Smalltalk/X online manual's "Editing Text" section.

Documentation Element Editor

Pure documentation tree elements do not have separate function and version IDs and no tags can be associated with them. Therefore, those fields are not shown in the editor.

Documentation in HTML

If the documentation starts with "<html>", or you click on the "HTML" button, an additional view is shown, presenting the formatted text. Editing is still done in the regular text editor, but additional toolbar buttons are enabled to change the emphasis of the selected text and to add HTML links to external documents. When clicked, these will open the corresponding document in your configured (standard) web browser.

You can insert bitmap images from an attachment with "<img src="filename">", where filename is the attachment's name or filename.

Folder Element Editor

Folders also do not have separate function and version IDs. However, they may have tags. These folder tags are useful for grouping and coloring (see also below).

If no documentation has been given explicitly for a folder, a summary consisting of all of the folder's child element documentation texts is shown.

Item Documentation Editor

For any non-documentation element (i.e. especially action block definitions), the item's functional ID and version ID of the element are shown (read only) and an input field allows for a set of tags to be given to the element. Multiple tags are to be separated by ";". Tags are useful to help grouping actions by their operation and as an aid when searching items (in the tree view). It is also possible to associate individual per-tag drawing colors to blocks via the "Settings" dialog.

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