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Both inputs must be connected and both must have received a value for the action to trigger ("And" input behavior)


Computes the arithmetic sum of its input values:

sum := number1 + number2

Automatic Type Conversion[edit]

The arithmetic blocks allow for mixed mode arithmetic. This means that all combinations of Float, Double, Integer, LargeInteger and Fractional numbers are allowed as input.

Depending on the input type(s), the output value is generated as:

in1 in2 out
Integer Integer Integer (1)
Integer Float / Double Float / Double
Integer Fraction Fraction (2)
Fraction Fraction Fraction (2)
Fraction Float / Double Float / Double
Float / Double Float / Double Float / Double

(1) Integers are not limited to a 32bit range. If the result does not fit into a so called SmallInteger, a largeInteger representation with an arbitrary number of digits is automatically chosen (32, 64, 96, 128... bits). The reverse is also true: if the result of a largeInteger operation fits the smallInteger range, a compact representation is used.

(2) If the fraction can be reduced to an integral value, an Integer is returned (i.e. 6/3 will be reduced to 2)


This block is in the Standard Library since 0.1.

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