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Although expecco supports a wide range of bitmap image formats, some rarely used formats are not supported, or only supported with limitations.


Reading and writing of 8 bit/pixel palette images is supported. Other images should be converted to 8bpp before writing. Tiled images with multiple palettes are not supported.


Reading and writing of 24bit/pixel is supported. Expecco uses the libjpeg library, so any format supported by that (standard) library will also be supported by expecco.



  • Grayscale + alpha: reading unsupported (as of 2.11)
  • 16bit RGB + alpha: incorrect display
  • tRNS chunk with alpha values (only on-off masks)

When writing, expecco will always generate either 8bpp palette, or 24bpp truecolor images.


1, 4, 8, 24 and 32 bpp files can be read and written.


Most formats are supported in reading, with some limitations:

  • supported compressions:
    • CCITT group3 FAX compression
    • LZW
    • packbits

1, 4, 8 and 24 bit files can be written. Data is always written uncompressed. No support for image masks or alpha channels.


Both, reading and writing


Some restrictions apply (to be documented)

Other Formats

Support for other formats, which are more or less of historic interest, can be made available upon request and at some extra charge: XWD, Targa, Sun-Raster, PICT, PCX, PBM, OSX-Icon, IrisRGB. Also, subset of the AVI and FLI formats can be provided if there is a need.

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