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Personal Settings

All of your personal settings are stored in a settings file, which is loaded upon startup. By default, the file is stored in "~/.expecco/.expeccoSettings", where "~" (tilde) is your home folder on Unix/Linux/macOS systems, or the personal documents folder on Windows systems.

It is possible to use different settings by starting expecco with a "--settings <filename>" command line argument.

The settings dialog is opened via the "Extras"-"Settings" item in the main menu, and contains an index on the left, and individual settings editors as per selection on the right.

Notice that settings will only affect your current expecco session, unless saved via the "Save Settings" button.

Find a Settings Value by Name

The settings dialog's menu contains an entry named "Show Search Field", which adds a textfield, into which you can type a keyword. Then, all places where this keyword is encountered in either the label or its tooltip will be highlighted. For example, if you want to locate all places which relate to "code" settings, try searching for "code".

Settings You May Want to Change

User interface language (english, german, ...)

By default, expecco uses the language as defined in the operating system's environment (i.e. $LANG shell variable). This can be overridden via the "Language" dialog. All language translation texts are present in external language files (found in the installation folder's "resources/exept/expecco" subfolder, and missing translations can be provided by exept via updates or even added/changed by yourself (if required).

External Tools

Here, pathes to external tools (such as "ruby", "node.js" or "gnuplot") can be redefined. By default, expecco assumes that those command will be found along your shell's PATH setting.

Also, the access method (http or https) for the online documentation is defined here. This is used when clicking on a help button or selecting a help item from the menu.

Automatic or Semiautomatic Updates & Patches

Expecco can be configured to automatically look for and optionally install updates and/or patches from the exept update server ( Depending on your network configuration (firewalls or even totally isolated test-labs), access to this public server may or may not be possible on your machine. Then, updates can be either installed via files (which can be transported eg. via an USB stick) or by another expecco, which gets the updates via file and provides the update service for other machines inside your network. In this later setup, you'll have to manually transport the files only once (to the update service providing machine) and configure the other machines to fetch the updates from that master expecco machine.

Individual Settings Editors

The individual settings editors are further described in:

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