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Because expecco is built as an XQuartz application (using the X Window System), some minor differences and inconveniences in the user interface apply:

  • no main menu
    XQuartz will always show the standard XWindow menu in the top menu. Expecco windows will each show their own menu.
    It is questionable, if this is a bad thing: your mouse will have to move shorter distances, so it may even be a plus, to have the menu near the view.
  • (currently) no drag & drop of files and documents into and out of expecco into non-expecco windows.
  • slightly different fonts are used (X uses the Xft font library)
  • slightly different keyboard behavior.
    • X uses and reserves the Cmd key for its own window functions. Therefore, all keyboard shortcuts are placed on Ctrl key combinations. This can be adjusted by changing the X keyboard map, which is not done by expecco (currently)
  • no opening of "ets" documents by double click in the launcher

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