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The plugin provides a user freindly interface to cvs, for managing expecco testsuites in a CVS repository (version management system). THe typical operations to checkin/checkout/compare/merge revisions are provided via convenient menu functions in expecco's "Plugin" → "Productivity" → "CVS" menu.


You should have a running CVS server in your network for team work, or a cvs repository on your local machine for single user operation. For remote operation, you should have already executed the "cvs login" command (usually in a console window).

Menu Functions[edit]

Check In[edit]

Your edited testsuite is commited as a new version. It is assumed that the suite was previously loaded from a folder which contains the CVS administrative subfolder.

Check Out Newest[edit]

Fetches the newest version of your suite from the repository and loads it.

Add to Repository[edit]

Adds your edited testsuite as a new file with initial version to the repository.

Compare with Newest in Repository[edit]

Opens a difference browser comparing the version being edited and the newest version in the repository. Use this to see what others might have changed in the meanwhile.

Compare against Version in Repository[edit]

Asks for a revision which is to be compared against version being edited. Use this to compare against older versions.

Merge into Newest Version in Repository[edit]

Merges your changes into the newest repository version. Simple non-conflicting changes may be resolved automatically; conflicts will have to be resolved in the difference browser, by adopting changes.

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