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Reference: [http://live.exept.de/ClassDoc/classDocOf:,String String]
Reference: [http://live.exept.de/ClassDoc/classDocOf:,String String]
inherits from: [http://live.exept.de/ClassDoc/classDocOf:,CharacterArray CharacterArray]
inherits from: [http://live.exept.de/ClassDoc/classDocOf:,CharacterArray CharacterArray] and
[http://live.exept.de/ClassDoc/classDocOf:,Collection Collection]
[http://live.exept.de/ClassDoc/classDocOf:,SequenceableCollection SequenceableCollection] and [http://live.exept.de/ClassDoc/classDocOf:,Collection Collection]
== [[Collection API Functions | Collection]] ==
== [[Collection API Functions | Collection]] ==

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This document lists most useful (and most often needed) functions. Be aware, that there are many more to be found in either the class references or via the builtin class browser.


Reference: String inherits from: CharacterArray and SequenceableCollection and Collection


Reference: Collection


Reference: Filename


Reference: Stream


Reference: Number and its subclasses Integer, Float, Fraction, Complex

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