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== Menus and Toolbars with Regular Submenus ==
== Menus and Toolbars with Regular Submenus ==
These are displayed with a ''blackish'' or darker arrow beside them. The menu will drop down immediately.
These are displayed with a ''blackish'' or darker arrow beside them. The menu will drop down immediately.
== Separating Handles (between sub-panes) ==
== Separating Handles (between sub-panes) ==

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Expecco contains a small number of features which might be different or unkown to other UI frameworks, but which are nevertheless very useful to know.

Menus and Toolbars with Delayed Menus[edit]

Some menu funtions show a list of choices, if you click it and wait for a while. Often a list of previous items or other history is presented. Such menus items are displayed with a greyish or lighter down-arrow beside. If you click on the arrow, the menu will appear immediately.

Items with such a delayed menu will trigger their default action, if you just click, without waiting for a menu to appear.

Menus and Toolbars with Regular Submenus[edit]

These are displayed with a blackish or darker arrow beside them. The menu will drop down immediately.

Separating Handles (between sub-panes)[edit]

Some of them are shown with a single arrow (above and below the gritty rubber area, and others are shown with arrows pointing in opposite directions.

If you press-and-hold the mouse button onthe center area, these handles behave as known in other UI frameworks: just drag and resize the views underneath.

If you click on one of the arrows, the views' siyes will change to full size towards the arrow. As mentioned above, some only present the fullsize-option on one side.

Now, if one of the view's is resiyed to full size, another click on the handle will restore the previous size, wheres a press-and-move on the handle performs as normal.

Toolbar Items which Remember the last Choice[edit]

The item-creation toolbar items above the left tree will remember your last choice, and keep that as default action. These items are og the above described "delayed-menu" type.

F8 in the Text Editor[edit]

This is a shortcut for the "Again" keyboard function, which repeats your last edit operation. Be it a delete, replace, or search-and-replace. A very powerful operation.

Dual Use of the Tree[edit]

The tree has different behavior on Click vs. Press-and-Move. A click selects the element for editing; a press-and-move initiates a drag, to copy the selected element somewhere else.

This behavior may be hindering, if you want to drag and drop actions from the tree. For this, open a separate tree (via the split-tree button above the tree), which is exclsively for drag&drop. (it should be noted, that once you are more experiences, you will probably no longer drag&drop from the tree, but instead press "CTRL-n" in the editor, to place actions via a dialog.

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