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Update Patch

(patch applied to the iX-Demo CD)

  • fixed the settings dialog's "mark new items" checkbox.
  • improved the termination timeout handling (long time spent in post action)
  • fixed the "search for active block" button's function
  • fixed a scroll-offset bug in the diagram editor


Release 1.9.1

Release date: Jan 2011
(release candidate:

  • New blocks in the StandardLibrary 1.8.3 and StandardLibrary 1.9.1
  • Separate model language translations
  • URL attachments
  • EBCDIC support
  • HP Quality Center Interface improved (up/download of tests and test-sets, autologout)
  • New plugin: Android Mobile Apps Interface
  • XMI import plugin improved (can now import test cases from Enterprise Architect models)
  • Java Swing plugin improved
  • Much improved Java-Bridge functionality: can now inject code dynamically
  • Web Interfacing updated to use newest Selenium Version.
  • Improved browser profile handling (for example for proxy setup)
  • Firefox profile now includes Firebug and Firepath for web page analysis
  • additional Web interface blocks (waitForAndXXX, table-accessors, table enumerators)
  • Optional cyclePeriod when looping a testplan
  • Suspend new activities when a debugger is open (option)
  • WebSpere MQ (IBM Middleware interface) client interface plugin/library
  • Tagsearch includes Step-Tags
  • Can now save individual TestCase- and ActivityLog results to a file
  • New elementary block-type: Batch-script
  • Search for steps by name in result log
  • New variable-types in environment: SecretConstant, RequestFromUserWhenFirstUsed and SecretFromUserWhenFirstUsed
  • Screenshot also via main menu
  • Code-editor now supports code completion (CTRL-Shift) and variable-correction (define as local or pin)
  • Optional sound when operator input is required
  • More execution control in the Control & Monitoring Window.
  • "Abort TestPlan" function in debugger.
  • Search for modified actions, search for values in tree
  • Improved XML-inspector (skip empty text, xml-text display)
  • Can now disable a plugin in the settings (will hide its menus)
  • Paste step with selected connection inserts the pasted step into the flow
  • improved single step function & breakpoint behavior
  • prerequisite package loading and prerequisite plugin checking
  • much improved Android mobile-phone testing support
  • rename variable menu-function
  • improved references to variable search function (looks into code)
  • embedded inspector (better environment variable value display) in the activity log
  • webtest functionality upgraded to current selenium/firefox versions
  • regex matching text search in tree (in addition to existing glob-matching search)
  • search for consumed input value in cycles (lint)
  • pause on error option in blockTester
  • default parallelity of new steps is now "limited to 1"
  • grouping of user defined types
  • shrink-wrap of imported libraries
  • colorize by tag configuration
  • customizable operation menu
  • improved the diff-viewer, added attachment diffs


Release 1.8.2

Release date: Jul 2010

  • Network Editor: allow connecting to a frozen pin (freeze to same value)
  • Network Editor: new menu function: "Extract Compound Action" (without replacing the selection)
  • Network Editor: new menu function: "Insert Step at Connection"
  • Network Editor: automatic "connect-through" when deleting steps from eni-eno chains
  • More testplan information for expeccoNET: operator needed; selectable testCases.
  • Search for halts and breakpoints
  • Breakpoint-toggling also in the log-viewer
  • Load resources from expeccoNET
  • New plugin: JIRA Interface (for issue validation)
  • New plugin: HP Quality Center Interface (up/download of test-suites)
  • New plugin/library: Swift-Message Handling
  • Fixed CTRL-a in some subviews
  • More attributes in annotations


Release 1.8.1

Release date: May 2010 (skipped for 1.8.2)

  • New blocks in the StandardLibrary 1.8.1
  • Triggering Mailbox Pins (see Collect Block as an example)
  • ExecutionTime-Output pin
  • More search options (search for virtual, iterated and exception handling steps)
  • New step flags: "Skip Children in Trace", "Assert Output Written" and "Assert Executed"
  • New Settings flag "Open Debugger for Handled Exceptions"
  • Report: can now include screenshots and other images
  • Report: new "Print as Flat List" option.
  • Report: speedup for big PDF reports
  • Elementary Code Editor: Senders and References search now includes elementary code in search


Release 1.8.0

Release date: April 2010 (skipped for 1.8.1)

  • Different connection styles (direct, curved)
  • WSDL import plugin fixed and enhanced.
  • Some report improvements (more variables)
  • XML-RPC Blocks
  • Jira Plugin
  • Skill, Resource and Inventory Interface for expeccoNET


Release 1.7.4

Release date: Februrary 2010

  • New blocks in the StandardLibrary 1.7.4
  • Implicit virtual block resolving specified in environment
  • Implicit virtual block resolving via virtual library specified in environment
  • Resource & skill access API fixed & enhanced
  • Enhanced display of virtual action in execution log
  • Fixed error-display in network if error occurs in action setup
  • Virtual blocks can now also be used as pre- and post-action
  • Fixed the input-pin handling of virtual blocks
  • TestSuite diff viewer (to compare two project versions)
  • New tree-menu-functions: "Generate Instance Creator" & "Generate Field Extractor"
  • New tree-menu-function: "Sort Children"
  • New type-kind: CType.
  • Added a new kind of inspector-view: CDatumInspector to show C-data in a structured, hierarchical list
  • Non-Blocking DLL-calls


Release 1.7.3

Internal Release date: January 2010

  • New blocks in the StandardLibrary 1.7.3
  • Can now force connect of incompatible pins with CTRL-key
  • Default inventory now in testSuite (moved up from the testplan)
  • PostLoad & preUnload actions for suite and imported libraries


Release 1.7.2

Release date: October 2009


Release 1.7.1

Release date: September 2009

  • When saving test suites that were originally signed with a expecco demo version, convert all demo signatures to final signatures - if you have got a dongle.
  • Now can load test suites saved with expecco-developer with expecco-pro (and developer with pro - as long as you do not features that are supported only by expecco-pro in your test suite)
  • all blocks tagged in the StandardLibrary 1.7.1
  • new blocks in the StandardLibrary 1.7.1


Release 1.7.0

Release date: July 2009

  • RunTimeLimit for individual testCases
  • Better flyby info for steps and actions
  • Folders in the tree can have a documentation
  • Log files (.elf) are now zipped (Reading zipped .elf files with expecco < Rel1.7)
  • WebTest: SeliniumRc has been updated to V1.0.1 and supports now Firfox3.5, Interne Explorer 8 and Google Chrome
  • New functions in network-editor:
    • Exchange connections of two pins;
    • Resize to min/max;
    • Better chooser for new steps;
    • Insert & connect function (find best match for selected pins);
    • "insert step" function ("select step and connection")
    • Can place and connect new steps via the menu without drag&drop (intelligent selection list)
    • Multiple pin variable-freeze
    • Drop connection onto a step (for trigger-in/trigger-out connection)
    • Connection-colors
  • In code-editor
    • F4/F5 (comment / uncomment) now also work with JavaScript code
    • Syntax color configuration in preferences dialog
    • "Implementors" menu-function fixed

  Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Sound file access fixed
  • Activity-log display update speed improved
  • Keep dialogs visible (auto raise windows from dialog-blocks)


Release 1.6

Release date: Mar 2009

  • Improved report, allows multiple report templates
  • Search for Missing Attachments
  • Optional Debug-Check of Pin Value against Pin Type (in elementary code)
  • Scripting (Remote Control)
  • "execute until success" loop feature
  • Attachment output can provide contents of file (instead of pathname)
  • SOA Testing: Generation of SOAP Call EB's from an imported WSDL (PRO Version only)
  • CodeGenerator can generate EB from a CB (PRO Version only)
  • More command line options for report generation (if executed via batch script)
  • "make your own elementary GUI" blocks with the UI Editor (PRO Version only)
  • Both console ( and non-console (expecco.exe) executables are provided
  • --noBanner option
  • New blocks in the StandardLibrary 1.6.2


Release 1.5

Release date: 13.08.2008

  • File Attachment
  • Drag & Drop of Attachment
  • New ZIP-File Format
  • Improved Routing and Editor Functions
  • More Search Functions
  • Drag&Drop from Search


Release 1.4

  • XML Parser Speedup
  • FileBrowser, Notebook and ProcessMonitor added
  • Acoustic test-execution feedback
  • Stop-on-Error can be turned off when running a TestSuite
  • Filter data messages in the Log-Viewer
  • Better presentation of detail-data in the Log-Viewer when double-clicking (Inspector)
  • Timelimit for testSuite execution
  • Looping & Loopcount for testSuite execution


Release 1.3

  • Acoustic test-execution feedback
  • Stop-on-Error can be turned off when running a TestSuite
  • Filter data messages in the Log-Viewer
  • Better presentation of detail-data in the Log-Viewer when double-clicking (Inspector)
  • Timelimit for testSuite execution
  • Looping & Loopcount for testSuite execution
  • FileBrowser, Notebook and ProcessMonitor added


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