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** Click on the little house icon
** Click on the little house icon
** Navigate to ''.node-red → node_modules''
** Navigate to ''.node-red → node_modules''
** Search in the ''node_modules'' folder after a folder called ''node-red-contrib-amazon-echo''
** Search in the ''node_modules'' folder after a folder called ''node-red-contrib-speedtest-updated''
** Select the file ''index.html'', then click OK
** Select the file ''index.html'', then click OK
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[[Datei:generated nodes.png|800px]]
[[Datei:generated speedtest nodes.png|800px]]

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The following tutorial shows how to import Nodes from the Node-RED library into expecco


  • Installed chrome browser
  • Make sure you did the step Specify necessary paths from the first part of the tutorial before you make this part. Node-RED Tutorial - Part 1

Collect Nodes from the Node-RED library[edit]

  • Click on OperationsCollect List of Nodes in Attachment
    • The Node-RED library gets opened in a browser and the names of each node of the library get extracted and saved in the attatchment listOfNodes
    • Hint: Collecting the node names take a few minutes and offers the opportunity for a short coffee break

Navigate to Collect List of Nodes.png

  • Node-RED library

Node-RED library.png

Installing Nodes[edit]

  • Click on OperationsInstall Nodes

Install nodes.png

  • A window opens
    • Enter here the node name node-red-contrib-speedtest-updated
    • Hint: If you want to install all nodes which contains e.g. smarthome in their names just enter *smarthome*

Specify node name.png

  • The entered node will be installed
    • Information about the installation can be found in the lower left corner of the window

Finished installation.png

Importing the Node[edit]

  • Click on OperationsImporting Nodes

Importing a Node.png

  • A small window opens
    • Click on the little house icon
    • Navigate to .node-red → node_modules
    • Search in the node_modules folder after a folder called node-red-contrib-speedtest-updated
    • Select the file index.html, then click OK

Import speedtest.png

  • A new folder should have been created
    • Open this folder to see the just generated elementary blocks

Generated speedtest nodes.png

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