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Tree (Navigator) Settings

Automatically Save Changed Items when Changing the Tree Selection

Do not ask the user to accept changes made in the current editor when the selection changed.
The changes are automatically accepted by the system. No confirmation dialog is opened.

Edit Name when Clicking on Selected Item

Open an editor to change the name of the element when clicking on the selected element.
If disabled, you can open the editor by the menu.

Automatic Edit Name of New Items

After creation of a new element, the editor to change the name of the element will be opened on the element.

Initially Select All when Editing Names

If the editor to change the name of the element will be opened, the whole string is selected.

DoubleClick to Rename Tree Elements

If on, a Doubleclick on a Tree Element opens the input-field to modify the element's name.

Select Tree Element on Right Click

Change the selection in the element's tree also due a right click.

Keep Name of Copied Items when Pasting

Keep the name of the copied icons during paste; otherwise a unique name is generated by the system.

Allow Duplicate Names

Allow duplicated names for different elements.

Show Navigation Tree at the Right

If enabled, the navigation tree is shown on the right side of the editor area, otherwise (the default) on the left side.

Show Connecting Lines in the Navigation Tree

If enabled, the navigation tree shows guiding lines which connect elements on the same hierarchy level.

Mark New Items with "!"

If enabled, new created items (during the current session) are shown with an appended "!" (exclamation mark) in the tree. Items are no longer considered new, when the suite is saved.

Show VersionID in the Tooltip

If enabled, the tooltip also shows the element's versionID. This is usually only of interest to expecco developers.

Show an Item's Type-Icon in the Testplan Tree

If enabled, an icon describing the type of test-entry (Activity or Sub-Testplan) is shown in testplans.

Show Risks in the Testplan as Numeric Prio

If enabled, a numeric priority value is shown; otherwise, symbolic names ("high",..."low") are shown.

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