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Tag Colors

This dialog is used to specify per-tag colors for steps in diagrams. These settings are user-specific and stored in the private settings file - not in the suite. Therefore, in a team, each member can use his/her own tag-color settings.

An example use is to associate an extra color to the "selenium" tag, in order to get all steps highlighted, which interact with the web browser during a test.

Another good practice is to associate a particular (ugly) color with outdated actions, for which new replacement versions are available or which need more work to be done. Useful, especially when working in a team to give a quick hint to importers of a library, that some actions have become obsolete.

Adding a Tag Color Spec

  • Enter one or more tags into the top box, or choose from the list of existing tags.
  • Select a color to associate to the tag.
  • Click on "Add".

Removing a Tag Color Spec

  • Select a spec-row in the list
  • Press the "Remove" button.

Changing a Tag Color Spec:

  • Select a spec-row in the list
  • Choose another color
  • Click on "Add".

Tag Matching

Tree elements and steps in an activity diagram which have matching tags will be shown in the specified color. If you enter more than one tag into the tag-field (a tag group), an element must have all the tags for a match, and for that color to be used. If an element has multiple tags, the best match (the entry which has most matching tags) will specify the color.

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