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State Colors Settings

This dialog allows for the status colors (in lists and reports) to be chosen. By default, the colors are:

successful test runs / test items.
for failed test runs / test items. A failure should be reported if the System-Under-Test (SUT) is incorrect. This verdict is the outcome of a test which detects a malfunction in the system under test. It is NOT reported if the test itself is erroneous (i.e. raises an exception).
A failure-result requires action by the developer of the System-Under-Test.
Dark Red
for erroneous test runs / test items. An error is reported if the test itself is malfunctioning. This means, that during the test execution an unhandled error/exception was raised, and therefore, we do not know if the System-Under-Test (SUT) is correct.
An error-result always requires action by the test-developer.
for inconclusive test runs / test items. The term "inconclusive" means, that for some reason, the test could not be executed (typically due to missing resources, measurement devices, databases etc.), and therefore, it is not known, if the System-Under-Test (SUT) functions correctly or not. Also, skipped and aborted tests are marked as inconclusive.
An inconclusive-result requires action by the test-manager.

If you have red/green visibility problems, you may want to change the setting for better readability. Japanese users may prefer blue instead of green. Old fashioned, die-hard-communists may want to exchange red and green ☺.

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