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Report Settings

Use Report Settings from Testsuite

Define the Report Template and Settings, used by the Report Generator for printing. If enabled, the report template and settings specified in the testsuite or testplan are used for printing. If disabled, the one and only Default Report Template is used.

Output Format(s)

Specify all output formats generated when using the Default Report Template. For each enabled output format a report is generated. The set of supported output formats may depend on the expecco version and possibly the set of loaded and licensed plugins.

Currently, the following formats are supported:

  • PDF - generates a PDF document
  • HTML - generates an HTML document, which could be published in a web-site
  • XML - generates an XML document in expecco's own XML format. This is a relatively comprehensive format, which includes a lot of the activity trace, pin values etc. For most real world reports, this level of detail is not needed, and the JUnit compatible XML format (see below) is sufficient.
  • CSV - generates a report in CSV format which can be imported into excel or a word document.
  • TEXT - generates a very simple text-only format (which could be piped to another (Unix-) command for post processing.
  • JUnit - generates an XML document which is compatible to the output format as generated by the Java JUnit testing framework. As this is supported by many Quality- and Project management systems, this format is well supported by other tools. For example, it can be directly imported and processed by Jenkins (Hudson) to generate statistics, trends and project improvement reports.
  • Polarion Conform - same as the JUnit-XML format except for the date- and time format, which used to be slightly different in some Polarion versions. This may be obsolete with most recent Polarion releases.

Notice that especially the XML output formats can of course be further postprocessed (by e.g. XSLT processors) to generate customer specific report formats.

Report Language

Specify the language, used for the report when using the Default Report Template.

Edit Default Report Template

Opens an Editor on the Default Report Template.

Output Directory

Select the directory, where the outputs generated by the report generator are stored.

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