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Hotkey Settings

The purpose of hotkeys is to allow some control over expecco, while recording a GUI interaction, without having to move the mouse or click on something (i.e. to avoid both interacting with the application and recording that interaction). Hotkeys are caught by expecco before they are sent to any application. Thus, any key which is defined as hotkey can NOT be sent to ANY window.

The Hotkey service is currently available only for Windows operating systems. The support for other operating systems is part of the roadmap and will be integrated in a future expecco release.

Available Hotkey Functions

In this version expecco supports the following hot key functions:

  • Start a testrun in expecco (the hot key will be delegated to the last active browser window)
  • Stop a running test execution
  • Toggle (start/stop) the recording mode in expecco GUIBrowser
  • Toggle (start/stop) the follow mouse mode in expecco GUIBrowser

The state of the hotkey service (running/stopped) is shown in the setting dialog.

Hotkey Setup

In the hotkey setup dialog you can specify the hotkeys you want to use within expecco. The default setting for the hotkeys is disabled. In the table (see image below) you can enable/disable each hotkey specification row by a check toggle. If disabled (check toggle is off), the hotkey will not be activated if the service is started. In the Hotkey and Modifier columns you can defined the keys you want to assign to the hotkey function.

The hotkey settings can not be changed while the service is running.


If you want to start the hotkey service directly after the expecco startup, please enable the check box "Auto start hot key event listener". If you want to start the hotkey service manually press the "Start" button. If the "Start" button is disabled you may have unapplied changes in the settings. Please apply them first. After that the "Start" button should be enabled and ready for starting the service.

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