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Gembird Power Manager Control Plugin

This plugin controls three lamps which are connected to a Gembird LAN-controlled power manager. For proper operation, connect a red lamp to socket1, yellow lamp to socket2 and a green lamp to socket3.


When enabled, the yellow lamp will be turned on during every test run. When finished with success, the green lamp is turned on, otherwise the red lamp.

Leave Red Lamp On Mode

In this mode, the red lamp is never turned off after a test run, but remains on, if any test run ever failed. This is useful, if many tests are to be run one after the other (over night), and you want a quick indicator, if any of the previous runs failed.


For operation, the hostname and password of the device's HTTP interface has to be entered into the settings dialog, which is found in "extras"->"settings"->"plugins"-">Gembird power manager".

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